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The Power To Choose the cheapest energy rate is right at your fingertips!

The average American uses 911 kWh of electricity a month at 12 cents per KWh. However, if you switch today, you could turn that 12 cents into only 7 cents! That would be an average saving of $43.73 a month. Use this extra money for more important things in your life like friends, family, and experiences. Saving this extra $40 a month turns into almost $500 of savings annually. A lot can be done with that extra money resting safely in your bank account.

We understand everyone needs to save as much money as they can today, and we’ve found a way to help you achieve this. In less time than it takes to switch cable or internet providers, you could be saving on your electric bill. An equally important aspect we sometimes forget to think about. We’re here to leave that thought in the past and help you save as much as you can on your natural gas and/or electric bill each month. Power 2 pick gives you the power to choose the best energy plan!


Joshua M. Shronce is a Commercial Energy Consultant & Founder of Atlantis Enterprises LLC in the DFW metroplex. Educated at the University of Texas in Arlington with a focus on International Business and Finance and a minor in Spanish, Shronce blends a background of international philanthropy from his family’s school in Nicaragua; Hope Bilingual Academy, with a broad skill set from his endeavors in various fields including Telecom, Hospitality, Education, Entertainment, Marketing, Real Estate & now the Energy sector. Joshua Shronce lives in Dallas, Texas.

Specialties: Writing, editing, synthesizing elaborate materials, team-building and collaboration, high-level relationships, flexibility and multi-tasking, managing & hosting teams, events, startups & online communities.

Analyzing your Electric & Natural Gas Bill

Find your existing energy supply rate on a recent bill, to the left of your “Generation Charge” or “Supplier Charge” (they’re the same thing).

What People Are Saying…

“It was unimaginably easy to save 30% on my electricity and natural gas bills. Couldn’t get any better.”

~ Manager, Eagle Electronics

“Power 2 Pick is easy to navigate and the rates are much lower than what we used to pay. “

~ D. Kraus, Columbus, OH

” The process was seamless. I liked it a lot, plus I am saving a lot of money in the long run.”

~ Koorosh, Wedding Bands & Co.

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